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Enterprises and Freelancers: Counseling and management. In the accounting and financial area.

Safety and reliability.

The Company Firmalex offers a professional and comprehensive study of all financial and accounting aspects of your business, for both companies and self-employed thus you will have another tool with which to achieve success in your career and / or business.

Management and counseling
Advise on how to start an activity

Business Feasibility Analysis

  • Market Research
  • Studies on a product, price, advertising and distribution channels
  • Location Studies
  • Studies of investment needed
  • Forecast of revenues and expenses
  • Risk Study

Constitution of Trading Companies and General Partnerships

  • Advice on the establishment of the corporation from the beginning until the end, including the name of the company, the bank account opening, registration in the treasury , notarial deeds, tax, commercial registration
  • Drafting of statutes, regulations and company deeds
  • Drafting of documents to constitute a General Partnership and Joint Ownerships

Necessary procedures with the several bodies to get the business license

  • Procedures to get the business license at the City Council
  • Procedures with the electricity supply companies for change of ownership and modification of the existing contract, as well as with the company supplying drinking water

Processing of subsidies and repayable loans from the organizations for starting business

  • Testing of all types of subsidies and repayable loans available that can be requested by the company, employer or professional Application and processing of the above mentioned at the the public and private bodies concerned

Accounting for Trading Companies

  • Accounting advice based on their needs, review of records
  • Study of depreciation and provisions
  • Preparation of Accounting Journal, General Ledgers,  inventory and annual accounts, VAT registration
  • Closure of the accounting year;
  • Legalization and presentation of annual accounts of Trading Companies in the Companies House or Trade Registry
  • Update the accounts in arrears

Accounting for individuals and businesses

  • For individuals and businesses subject to direct estimation: making income and expenses book, capital goods book (depreciations), VAT Register
  • In the option modulos for entrepreneurs and professionals, we calculate the amounts payable annually

Economic-financial analysis of the company

  • Study of the assets and credit of the company to better understand the state of the same 
  • Strategic and financial planning of the enterprise
  • Advise for companies with difficulties

Management with banks to obtain funding

  • Providing reports to financial institutions to obtain funding
  • Monitoring fulfilment by the financial institution of the agreements reached on conditions of the loan
Management of Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, and Shareholder’s Rights

Advice on company management

  • Drafting of minutes of general meetings and board of directors
  • Appointment of directors, liquidators, and auditors if needed
  • Censorship of social management, approval of annual accounts and application of funds
  • Amendment of bylaws
  • Increase or decrease of share capital, transformation, merger, acquisition, partnership, spin off, amalgamation, split up and liquidation of companies

Advising the shareholder about the Corporate Law

  • Participation in profit-sharing and wealth resulting from the liquidation of the company
  • Advise on social decisions and choosing administrators

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