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Our philosophy
Comprehensive Service

At present it is extremely helpful to have an office that offers a comprehensive advisory service tailored to the needs of both individuals and businesses in the area of taxes, business and law.

Over 10 years of Experience

Since 2003, Firmalex S.L. has accomplished a remarkable experience in the different areas in which we operate

Customer satisfaction

The continuity and loyalty of our customer portfolio gives us the necessary support to continue offering an exceptional service by easing the management and upkeep of your personal, professional and business project.

The Firmalex Team

D. Agustín Costa Serra

He graduated in Law at the University of Valencia in 1992, and has been member of the Bar Association of Alicante since then.
He has taken advanced courses in Tax Law at the Escuela de la Empresa of Valencia, having obtained a Master in Tax Consultancy.

In this same school he specialized in accounting. He also has a bachelor’s degree on Taxation of Non-Residents from the Business School of Alicante,
He obtained the title of official Real Estate Agent after having passed the exams of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (the Spanish Ministerio de Fomento) in 1998. Since then he has been a member of the Association of Real Estate Agents in Alicante.

D. Jens Gerl

He is of German nationality, graduated in Economics at the University of Sevilla in 1996 and has been a member of the Association of Economists of Alicante and of the Registry of Economists Tax Advisers (REAF). In the field of taxation he has made the following studies in 1998: Course on “Gestión Censal y Tributario del Impuesto sobre Actividades Económicas” (Management of the Tax on Economic Activities) by the Diputación Provincial de Alicante. He has also made a postgraduate course on “Especialización Universitaria en Sistema Tributario Español” (Universitary specialization in Spanish Tax System) at the UNED (Spanish Open University) in 1999. In the field of Labour Law he did a course on “Gestión Práctica de la Seguridad Social y Contratación” (Practical Management of Social Security and Contracts) given by the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante in 1999. He also has an Master degree in Legal Consultancy obtained at the IDE-CESEM (European Business School) during the years 2000 and 2001.

Rosa Morera Sánchez
Graduate in Social Studies

Graduate in Labor Relations at the University of Valencia in 1997 and certified in Labor Audit and Human Resource Management from the CEF (Centre of Financial Studies) in Valencia in 2005. Further Postgraduate in Labor Process and Labor Administrative Procedure from the University of Valencia in 2009


We rely on a full management team that counsels you in every aspect and step, both legal and managerial.
Our Staff speaks Spanish, Valenciano, English and German fluently. A fact that allows you to explain your concern clearly in your own language and us to solve effectively the issue.

Legal Advisory

Legal field
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Administrative jurisdiction and litigation
  • Claims, trials and legal defense

Taxation Advisory

Economic sphere
  • Taxation for individuals
  • Taxation for enterprises
  • Taxation for freelancers
  • Counseling in issues with the Administration

Labor Advisory

Professional field
  • Personnel management
  • Administrative
  • Courts
  • Inspections, recourses, agreements…

Enterprises and Freelancers

Business scope
  • Advice on the start of your
  • Accounting and financial field
  • Management of Ltd or Inc. corporations and the rights of the shareholders or partners.

The trust of working with a specialized and trained team

Since the founding of Firmalex S.L., we have the main goal of offering a comprehensive service that embraces all the administration fields, the counseling on business projects and the resolution of legal, taxation and labor conflicts.

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