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Inheritance in Spain

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Extensive experience

Efficiency and promptness in the transfer of the Spanish property inheritance

The consultancy company Firmalex S.L. offers numerous consultancy services in the field of assistance to foreigners in Spain. Our professionals are specialised in helping relatives with the Spanish property inheritance. 

We take care of the entire process of handling the inheritance of a deceased citizen of the European Union or any other country in Spain.  

This assistance includes handling all the necessary documents that need to be taken care of when settling the Spanish property inheritance.  

Next to that, it also includes acquiring the property in Spain listed in the will. This may include, but is not limited to, houses, land, accounts and vehicles that are located in Spain.  

Throughout the process of settling the inheritance in Spain, our professionals provide support and assistance to the relatives from start to finish with the various processes that need to be gone through.  

With our property inheritance services, our professionals will handle all the processes involved in the property inheritance in Spain efficiently and expeditiously. 

Your benefit and satisfaction are our philosophy

With our services you will receive:

  • Processing of all necessary documents
  • Information to the client of all costs related to the hereditary transfer
  • Efficiency and promptness in the processing
  • Support and assistance in every process from start to finish


Our team has proven training and experience in all fields of legal, accounting, tax and labour consultancy.


We study your case and optimize the solution to obtain maximum profit.


We guarantee a response to your case within 48 hours.

Our property inheritance in Spain services

We cover these areas

Management and supervision

Management and oversight of the necessary documents of the country of origin of the deceased person in order to prepare the deed of declaration of heirs before a notary public (if there is no will), and the deed of acceptance of will.

We accompany you

We accompany and, if necessary, represent you in the notarial office in order to execute the pertinent notarial deeds.

Property register

Registration of immovable property in the register of property.

Submission and settlement

Submission and settlement of the inheritance tax before the Spanish tax agency.

Complete and for free

Check our guide

Here is the comprehensive guide “Inheritance in Spain with a non-resident, expat or foreigner” in which we introduce to you the basic concepts you need to know.

Your tax consultancy in spain

We take care of the recovery of property located in Spain.

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