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Experience and closeness

Save money thanks to our tax advisors

Firmalex S.L. offers wide and diverse consultancy services regarding taxes.

We offer you a totally personal service, which allows us to analyse the specific needs of each client and therefore offer the most profitable tax solutions, which makes our clients save money.

We give tax advice to individuals, companies and self-employed workers.

Your benefit and satisfaction
are our philosophy

With our services you will receive:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the applicable tax legislation
  • Tax savings by applying the best option
  • Personal and direct treatment
  • Representation before the tax authorities

Tax advice for individuals

Tax return for residents

· Study and preparation of the Income Tax Return (I.R.P.F.), form 100.
· Regulation of previous tax years with respect to the Income Tax Return (I.R.P.F.), form 100.

Assistance and defence before the administrative tax bodies

· Assistance and advice in tax inspections.
· Appeals against all types of resolutions of the Tax Administration.
· Appeals against resolutions by the settlement office, especially against complementary settlements made by reason of selling immovable property.

Tax return for non-residents

· For property/ies in Spain, for selling immovable property, imputed income (personal use), lease income (form 210).
· Withholding (3%) for selling immovable property of non-resident (form 211).
· For professional activities without permanent establishment (form 210) and VAT (form 303).
· For income obtained without a permanent establishment (form 216).
· Economic activity of non-residents with permanent establishment (form 200).

Fiscal status of companies and self-employed workers

Advice on the business activity development.

· Tax advice based on your needs.
· Study and planning of the different possibilities offered by the taxation of natural persons in the different current tax systems: Objective Calculation scheme (modules), Simplified Direct Calculation scheme, Normal Direct Calculation scheme.
· Study and planning of the different alternatives offered by the Corporate Tax, adjusted to the needs of each client.
· Applications for Tax payment deferrals.
· Preparation of the periodic tax settlements to be submitted to the Treasury (forms 110, 115, 130, 303, 390, etc.)
· Study and preparation of the Corporate Tax return and the I.R.P.F. (Income Tax Return) for professionals and self-employed workers.

For companies and self-employed workers in general

· Quarterly submission of fractionated payments (form 130).
· Withholding tax for professionals (form 111) and annual summary (form 190).
· Withholding tax from rentals (form 115) and annual summary (form 180).
· VAT quarterly submissions (form 303) and annual summary (390).
· Entrepreneurs and professionals under objective calculation scheme, fractionated payment (form 131).
· Informative form on the quarterly VAT within the EU (form 349).
· Informative form on annual declaration of operations with third parties (form 347).
· Informative form on companies subject to the income allocation system (form 184).
· Study and preparation of the Corporate Tax return and the I.R.P.F. (Income Tax Return) for professionals and self-employed workers.

Claims and defence before the Treasury

· Processing of all types of tax-related claims before the Treasury.
· Assistance and advice before the tax administration for inspections and summonses.

Unlock your optimal solutions

Personal service that offers you the most profitable solutions and the best savings.

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