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The best solutions in the field of law
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Experience and closeness

Your best legal advisor

Firmalex is a company with personnel dedicated to the legal profession offering a wide range of services in the field of Law. 

Our professional legal advisors will give a direct and personal attention to each client, who will receive detailed and precise information of the situation and of changes in their cases. 

We give you the best advice and solutions for each case in Civil Law, Criminal Law and Administrative and Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction. 

We offer you a complete legal counsel for you as an individual person or for your business. We are capable of giving you the best solution for your specific situation and give you legal advice on the most profitable resolution. You may ask us guidance on your corporate decisions like taxes, merges, acquisitions or other practices. 

Hire now our legal advice services and you will have at your disposal all the set of advance know-how and skills that our professional lawyers possess. Such as reviewing, negotiating or creating contracts, analyzing corporate and individual laws and regulations, and so much more.  

We offer an integral legal advising regarding civil, criminal, and administrative laws for foreigners in Spain. 

Your benefit and satisfaction
are our philosophy

With our services you will receive:

  • Legal analysis of the case
  • Selection of the best legal solution
  • Personal representation in all processes
  • Experience of more than 25 years

Civil Law

Debt claims

· Out-of-court negotiation of debts.
· Court representation, both as petitioner and as respondent.
· Advice on fast legal proceedings of money claims (monitory procedure).

Real Estate Law

· Claims in court against building companies for defects in construction.
· Claims regarding real estate sale and purchase agreements.
· Claims regarding acquisition, enjoyment, existence, invalidity of real estate agreements.

Community of Property Owners Law

· Advice, claims and management related.

Rural and urban leases

· Drafting of rural and urban lease agreements.
· Assistance in related court proceedings, such as eviction due to lack of payment, lease claims, contract terminations.

Marriage and Family Law

· Management, negotiation and response to separation and divorce petitions.
· Advice on the separation and divorce processes.
· Preparation of judicial agreements.

Inheritance Law

· Processing of inheritances both through a notarial proceeding or through court.
· Making of wills.
· Inheritance rights claims.

Drafting of Civil Contracts and Agreements

· Agreements and contracts for sales and purchases, barters, leases, loans, mortgages…

Preparation and control of notarial deeds

· Supervision of the proper drafting of notarial deeds, tax payments, registration in the Property Register.

Vehicle trials

· Representation in court for traffic accidents causing damage to property.

Criminal Law

Defence and accusation in crimes of economic nature

· Defence and accusation in fraud crimes.
· Defence and accusation in misappropriation crimes.
· Defence and accusation in disloyal administration crimes.
· Defence and accusation in punishable insolvency crimes.
· Defence and accusation in crimes of alteration of prices in public auctions and tenders.

Vehicle trials

· Defence and accusation in actions for driving under the influence of alcohol.
· Claims and compensations for Traffic Accidents.
· Bodily harm assessment.
· Claims to insurance companies.
· Claims to the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros (Insurance Compensation Consortium)
· Representation of the aggrieved parties before any type of courts.

Administrative and contentious-administrative jurisdiction

Tax-related claims before administrative bodies and courts

· Claims before the Public Tax Administration and settlement offices.
· Claims against any tax sanction and administrative act.
· Claims before court by reason of tax sanctions.
· Claims against any other administrative act.

Urban planning

· Zoning licences.
· Partial plans.
· Zoning changes.
· Claims to the General Management of Coasts.

Make winning decisions

Contact us and we will study the best solutions for your case.

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