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Información y novedades sobre el impuesto de sucesiones y donaciones para ciudadanos no residentes
It is becoming increasingly common for donations and inheritances for which tax is payable in Spain to involve a person who is not resident in our country. In other words, when a parent resident in Spain dies, with a son or daughter living abroad, or when a foreigner resident in Spain is the heir of a relative resident abroad. Settlement of inheritance tax for non-resident...
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When dealing with the purchase and sale of a property, it is important that all agreements are in writing. It should not be an improvised act given its importance, so it must have legal certainty in case of later problems. In Firmalex we are experts in advising on the purchase and sale of real estate, we belong to the Official College of Real Estate Agents...
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Firmalex information New aids for hiring young people in Valencian Community
On March 1, the Avalem Joves plan, a program of Labora, the Valencian Employment and Training Service, announced the aid program to encourage the hiring of young people between 16 and 30 years old by Valencian companies. Features: Both freelancers and companies will be able to apply for these aids.90% of the cost for indefinite-term contracts with a minimum permanence of 24 months.80% of the...
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Objective To increase the technological level of industrial and industrial services SMEs through the implementation of new electronic, computer and communications technologies (ICTs). Who can apply? SMEs in the Valencian Community: SMEs with headquarters or production facilities located in the Valencian Community at the time of submission of the justification.SMEs that carry out activities included in any of the following headings of the CNAE 2009:...
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Do you have a property or bank account outside Spain? If so, you must file the FORM 720
If you have a property, bank account or investments abroad, this is of interest to you. It is likely that you have never heard of this model, the 720 model. It is not a typical model like the 303 or the 130 that every businessman and self-employed person knows, as they deal with them every quarter. This form, called exactly: form 720 “Informative declaration of...
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ayudas pla resistir
Last Friday, the Generalitat Valenciana approved a decree on complementary aid for the self-employed who meet the condition of being beneficiaries of the COVID-19 cessation of activity benefit. The decree was published on Monday 9 February, approving the rules governing the direct granting of this urgent aid to supplement the Social Security benefit. The aid forms part of the Resist Plan, which has a total...
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