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Real estate lawyer in Spain

Contracts, notarial deeds, payment of taxes and register of property
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Real estate consulting service in Spain

The purchase of a property in Spain entails many important boundary conditions. The professionals of Firmalex S.L. are specialised in supporting and advising you in these matters  

Our reliable specialist lawyers and tax advisors can advise you on the purchase of a property in Spain. Our real estate consulting service mainly relates to the preparation and drafting of the contracts involved in buying a property in Spain  

In addition to drafting the contracts, we will help you with the preliminary check of the status of the property and give you an estimate of the total cost of the transaction that will take place. 

Firmalex has professionals who have years of experience in buying and selling property. And therefore, offer you the best real estate consulting service you could wish for in Spain. Our professionals will advise you from the very first moment of the purchase of the flat/house/property you wish to buy in Spain. 

With our real estate consulting service, you can buy your property in Spain with complete confidence and without any hassle. We will help you from the beginning to the end, until the whole process of registering the property you have bought is successfully completed. 

Your benefit and satisfaction are our philosophy

With our services you will receive:

  • Oversight of the legal status of the property
  • Information to the client regarding additional costs
  • Advice to the client in every aspect of the transaction
  • Management of all the process until the registration in the register of property


Our team has proven training and experience in all fields of legal, accounting, tax and labour consultancy.


We study your case and optimize the solution to obtain maximum profit.


We guarantee a response to your case within 48 hours.

Our real estate consulting services

We cover these areas

Initial study

Initial research on the legal status of the property and estimation of costs, both of fiscal and of any other nature that the transaction may require.

Preparation of the contract

Drafting of the contract or, if such be the case, observation and analysis of the contract made by the selling party with the purpose of verifying that everything is correct.

Deed signing

Supervision in the preparation and subsequent signing of the purchase deed in the pertinent notarial office.

Register of property

Management of the payment of the pertinent taxes and registration of the property in the register of property.

Complete and for free

Check our guide

Here is the comprehensive guide “How to buy a house in Spain” in which we introduce to you the basic concepts you need to know.

Obtain transparency

We advise you in all the aspects of the purchase or sale of immovable properties.

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