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Starting a Business in Spain

Advice and management in the accounting and financial area
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Business consulting for companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in Spain

When starting a business in Spain, we at Firmalex offer business consultancy services. As part of this service, our professionals offer companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers all the services they need when starting a business in Spain.  

The professionals of Firmalex S.L. offers you a complete and professional study of all the financial and accounting aspects of your company, both regarding companies and self-employed workers, thus giving you another instrument to achieve success in your professional and business activity. 

We advise companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers on their management in the field of accounting and finance when they start a business in Spain. 

In addition, this service includes advice on the market in which you wish to operate. This includes a market research report, which contains all the preliminary information useful for setting up a business in Spain. 

Our professionals will work with you to make your professional activity in Spain a success. Firmalex offers you all the business advice you and your company need.  
We are here for you when starting a business in Spain. 

Your benefit and satisfaction are our philosophy

With our services you will receive:

  • A study of the best business option
  • Savings in business costs
  • Personal and direct treatment
  • Advice in all business fields

Advice at the beginning of the activity

Business feasibility study

· When starting a business in Spain we offer a complete Market research.
· Studies regarding product, price, publicity and distribution channels.
· Location studies.
· Analysis of necessary investment.
· Costs and investment estimation.
· Risk analysis.

Carrying out of all formalities before the different authorities for the licence to open the business premises and/or commercial establishment

· Carrying out of all formalities to obtain the licence to open the business premises and/or commercial establishment before the City Council.
· Carrying out of all formalities before the electric supply companies for the change of name and modification of the existing contract, as well as formalities before the drinkable water supply company.

Incorporation of Companies

· Advice on the creation of a business corporation when starting a business. This advice includes the creation of the business name, opening of a bank account, registration in the Public Treasury, notarial deed, tax payments, registration in the Register of Companies and even the start of operations.
· Drafting of the articles of incorporation, rules and deeds of companies both classified as regular and irregular.
· Drafting of incorporation documents for civil companies and communities of assets (comunidades de bienes) with business purposes.

Carrying out of formalities for the obtainment of non-refundable subsidies and loans by some bodies for the start of business ventures

· Study of all types of existing non-refundable subsidies and loans that can be requested by the company, entrepreneur or professional. We apply for and carry out all formalities for the obtainment of these before the pertinent public and private bodies.

Accounting area

Accounting for companies

· Accounting advice based on your needs.
· Review of accounting documents.
· Study of provisions, amortisation and depreciation costs. Drafting of the journal, ledger, inventory and annual accounts.
· VAT registers. Fiscal Year-End closing.
· Legalisation and submission of the company annual accounts to the register of companies.
· Updating of accounting books.

Accounting for professionals and entrepreneurs

· For professionals and entrepreneurs under direct calculation scheme: preparation of income and expenses books, investment books (amortisations), VAT book.
· For the modules scheme for entrepreneurs and professionals: calculation of the amounts to pay annually.

Financial area

Economic and financial analysis of the company

· Study of the assets and the credit status of the company for a better understanding thereof.
· Strategic and financial planning of the company.
· Advice for companies with financial difficulties.

Carrying out of formalities with financial institutions for the obtainment of credit

· Submission of reports to financial institutions for the obtainment of credit, as well as carrying out all types of formalities with them.
· Supervision of the financial entities for compliance with the agreements reached in the conditions of the granted loan.

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Check our guide

Here is the comprehensive guide “How to start a business in Spain as a foreigner” in which we introduce to you the basic concepts you need to know.

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