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Inheritance in Spain with a non-resident or foreigner: Inheritance tax by Autonomous Communities

Firmalex > Inheritance in Spain > Inheritance in Spain with a non-resident or foreigner: Inheritance tax by Autonomous Communities

This article is part of our guide Inheritance in Spain with a non-resident, expat or foreigner which you will find in our Inheritance in Spain section.

Inheritance tax is a national tax managed by the Autonomous Communities, so they can incorporate regulations in many aspects.

As we have repeatedly mentioned in previous articles, each Autonomous Community can apply its own allowances and reductions, so that the same inheritance would pay much more tax in some than in others.

This fact is important to bear in mind, as for example in some communities, those in group 1 only pay symbolic amounts and those in group 2 are practically tax free or have very important reductions.

The taxable base is determined by applying to the taxable base the indices provided for in Law 21/2001, which refers to the financing system of the Autonomous Communities.

To find out more about the particularities of the Autonomous Community in which you have to pay your taxes, contact us and we will provide you with the parameters for the correct calculation in accordance with the regulations in force in each case.

Reductions for disability

The Royal Legislative Decree 1/1994 also has an influence, to apply reductions in case of disability of the beneficiaries of an inheritance or donation.

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