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Firmalex > Latest posts > Real estate lawyer in Spain: Function and advantages

A real estate consulting lawyer can help you avoid big losses of money when signing a contract of sale or rental of a property in Spain. This is because buying a property in Spain is not as simple as it seems, as we are not only faced with the difficulty of finding the perfect and suitable property, but it also involves many other factors that need to be taken into account during the process.

Hiring a real estate lawyer offers the possibility of obtaining the most favourable conditions at the moment of the purchase or sale of a property, thus avoiding having to go to a legal professional later on when unfortunately some of the aspects have not been taken into account.

What does the work of the Real Estate Lawyer consist of?

From a more general point of view, the work carried out by a real estate lawyer is based on the set of technical and legal procedures before and after the acquisition of a property, with the aim of verifying its registration status, charges and encumbrances, conformity of use, construction status and the stability of the urban construction, expert reports to determine damage to the property due to construction with unsuitable materials, mortgages, claims, legal proceedings, evictions, inheritances, separations and divorces, civil liability, contracts and land registry, among others.

In this way, it avoids the legal vulnerability of its clients, providing them with security for the purchase, sale or rental of the property. This is how hiring the services of a legal professional specialised in the real estate sector can avoid problems at the time of carrying out the sale or rental, avoiding large losses in money and time, effort and travel that only a real estate lawyer could have solved or foreseen.

Advantages of hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

As we have already seen, being able to hire the services of a lawyer specialised in real estate matters allows you to save time, money and effort, as their work obliges them to be up to date with the information, regulations, laws and other aspects that will facilitate the successful purchase of a property in Spain without having to face some legal problems later on because they are unaware of the existence of the same.

Some of the benefits of hiring a real estate lawyer are:

  • Personalized service by taking on the commitment to locate the properties that best suit the client’s needs.
  • Access to information on properties that are in optimal conditions for acquisition with the best offers on the market according to the client’s budget.
  • Network of contacts that facilitate interaction with real estate agencies and other professionals.
  • Processing of the necessary documentation for the sale and purchase.
  • Minimizes the risks of fraud and swindle.
  • Guarantees the legality of the operation.
  • Improvements in the price of the property.
  • Better understanding of the contract and its clauses.
  • Reservation contract in which the rules of the transaction are set out.
  • Legal representation in all procedures.

As we can see, there are many advantages to hiring the services of a real estate lawyer when buying, selling or renting a property and thus avoiding inconveniences and unforeseen events.

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