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Legal consultancy
EU Regulation 650/2012 of 4 July 2012, which regulates inheritance by death, is applicable to most of the countries of the European Union. This is a major step forward for European citizens, making it possible to choose the law applicable to the succession of a person, and not applying the previous rigid criterion of the...
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Real Estate Tax and vacant housing Future changes
Negotiations continue on the future housing law, which does not yet have a clear and definitive design. The parties in charge of the government are assessing the issue of empty homes and the levy to promote their release to the market, but they are far from being in full agreement on the limitation of rents....
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Información y novedades sobre el impuesto de sucesiones y donaciones para ciudadanos no residentes
It is becoming increasingly common for donations and inheritances for which tax is payable in Spain to involve a person who is not resident in our country. In other words, when a parent resident in Spain dies, with a son or daughter living abroad, or when a foreigner resident in Spain is the heir of...
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When dealing with the purchase and sale of a property, it is important that all agreements are in writing. It should not be an improvised act given its importance, so it must have legal certainty in case of later problems. In Firmalex we are experts in advising on the purchase and sale of real estate,...
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Información sobre el Brexit a partir del 1 de enero 2021
The United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) signed an interim free trade agreement last Thursday which will govern economic relations between the two countries from 1 January. The agreement covers not only trade in goods and services but also a wide range of other areas of interest to the EU such as competition, fisheries,...
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When a person or company is interested in acquiring a property in Spanish land, the first thing that must be done before formalising any private contract and/or deed is to check the status of the property through the request to the pertinent register of property of a property information extract (known as nota simple). This...
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