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HR Consulting

Personnel management, administrative and court proceedings
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Efficient management

The importance of our human resources

In our current economy, an efficient management of our human resources is very important.

That is why the highly qualified professionals in Firmalex will advise and inform you on all the matters that affect your employees in a continuous, clear and concise way, always studying the way to reduce your personnel costs without overlooking the maximum satisfaction of all parties involved.

Your benefit and satisfaction are our philosophy

With our services you will receive:

  • Agile management and paperwork
  • Professionalism in consultancy
  • Labour costs estimation
  • Continuous observation of the applicable legislation

Personnel management

Registrations, terminations and data modifications of the employees in the Social Security.

· Strict control and management of the registrations, terminations and possible data modifications that take place during the employment relationship.
· Communication with the General Treasury of the Social Security.

Registration and cancellation of self-employed workers

· Processing of your registration and cancellation as self-employed worker in the Social Security.
· Monitoring of all the changes and incidents that may occur during your working life: changes of address, of banking information, request of overpaid taxes and cancellation as self-employed worker.

Occupational Hazard prevention

· Comprehensive advice by qualified professionals.

Payrolls and social security

· Study of the applicable collective bargaining agreements.
· Preparation of the payrolls and the social security documents.

Registration of the company in the Social Security and Labour Authority

· Processing of the registration of your company in the General Treasury of the Social Security and before the Labour Authority.

Debt management

· Application for deferral of social security fees payment.
· Negotiation of debts in the different social systems.

Labour contracts

· Processing and preparation of all types of labour contracts, always choosing those that are best for your business and taking advantage of the different Social Security aids or bonuses available at any given moment.

Letters on infringements and sanctions for the personnel of dismissals, compensations and settlements

· Study and drafting of letters regarding infringements of personnel and their possible sanctions.
· Strict study and drafting of letters of dismissal with continuous advice and support during all this delicate process.
· Calculation of compensations for dismissals and final payments.

Administrative proceedings

Work inspection

· Assistance and representation in conciliations before the Service of Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation.

Appeals and preliminary claims before the Administration

· Claims regarding benefits: rejections, calculation errors, etc.

Social Security benefits and pensions

· Processing of all types of Social Security benefits such as Temporary Incapacity, Maternity, Widow’s pensions, Retirement, etc…

Workforce adjustment plans

· Representation before the Work Inspection and Social Security.


· Study, management and processing of all types of subsidies.

Special agreements

· Management of special agreements with the Social Security.

Conciliations before the SMAC (the Service of Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation)

· Study and Processing of Workforce adjustment plans before the Labour Authority.

Court proceedings

Legal advice in the social-occupational field

· Advice in all types of labour matters and, if such be the case, negotiations prior to the court proceedings in order to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Labour-related actions

· Assistance in representation of the entrepreneur or worker before the Labour Court in all types of labour and Social Security related proceedings, such as dismissals, money claims, contributory and non-contributory benefits, etc…

Minimise your risks

Manage the human resources of your company efficiently.

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