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Former owners are punished in favour of speculators

Firmalex > Latest news > Former owners are punished in favour of speculators

In the case of property selling, the longer the ownership lasts, the more taxes must be paid by the assets increase (in addition to the capital gains tax).

Until 1996, the reducing coefficients that exempted from payment all purchases whose ownership was older than 10 years were applicable. Then a compensation of the inflation rate was applied, with which taxes were paid in all sales, but still with relative logic.

Now, no coefficients, nor inflation: sale price less purchase price (with certain expenses) and paying taxes with respect to the difference.

There are only two escape options for residents when a property is sold with 3-year ownership minimum. But this is to be analysed in another article. In reality, now taxes are paid for an assets increase that is fictional and unfair.