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Kit Digital: Application deadline for grants now open

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The deadline for applications has opened for the Kit Digital programme, a public financial aid programme financed by the Next Generation EU funds aimed at the self-employed and small business in Spain, which will contribute to the adoption of technological solutions for their digitisation.

This first call, aimed at the segment of Spanish companies with between 10 and 49 employees, has a budget of 500 million euros and will be distributed in digital vouchers of 12,000 euros for those companies that meet the requirements and submit their application within a maximum period of six months or until the funds run out.

The grants will be awarded on a non-competitive basis, on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to the availability of sufficient credit.

Who can benefit from the Digital Kit grants?

The Government has segmented the businesses that can benefit from the digital kit, both in terms of the call for applications and the amount of aid, into three different groups:

  • Segment I: Small companies, from 10 to 49 employees, estimated at 150,000 across Spain, with a digital bonus amount per company of €12,000.
  • Segment II: Small or micro-enterprises, with 3 to 9 employees, estimated at 1,100,000 in Spain, with a digital voucher amount per company of €6,000.
  • Segment III: Small or micro-enterprises and self-employed (self-employed persons), with 1 to 2 employees, estimated at 1,600,000 in Spain, with a digital voucher amount of €2,000.

Requirements and conditions for applying for the Digital Kit

A series of conditions have been established in order to be eligible for the Digital Kit:

  • Be a small business, a micro-business or a self-employed person.
  • Not be considered a company in crisis.
  • Be up to date with tax and Social Security payments.
  • Not be subject to any of the prohibitions set out in the General Law on Subsidies.
  • Be registered in the Census of business people, professionals and withholders of the State Tax Administration Agency or in the equivalent census of the Regional Tax Administration.
  • Not be subject to a pending recovery order following a previous decision by the European Commission.
  • Not exceed the de minimis aid limit (€200,000).
  • Have the Digital Maturity Level assessment in accordance with the diagnostic test on the Acelera pyme platform.

Categories of Digital Kit solutions

Once the assessment test has been completed, beneficiaries will be able to choose from a wide range of digital solutions, covering the following fields:

  • Website and Internet presence: this category includes the creation of websites, as well as other SEO services or visibility of the company on the main Internet sites.
  • E-commerce: creation of an online shop for the purchase and sale of products and/or services using digital media for their exchange.
  • Social media management: promoting on social media.
  • Customer and/or supplier management: digitalising and optimising the management of commercial relations with customers.
  • Business Intelligence and analytics: exploitation of company data to improve the decision-making process.
  • Virtual office services and tools: implement interactive and functional solutions that enable more efficient collaboration between the company and employees.
  • Process management: digitise and/or automate business processes related to the operational or productive aspects of the company.
  • Electronic invoicing: digitise the flow of invoice issuance between the company and its customers by means of invoicing software.
  • Secure communications: providing the company with security in the connections between their employees’ devices and the company.
  • Cybersecurity: provide the company with basic and advanced security for their employees’ devices.

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