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Firmalex > Latest news > Real Estate Tax and vacant housing: Future changes
Real Estate Tax and vacant housing Future changes

Negotiations continue on the future housing law, which does not yet have a clear and definitive design. The parties in charge of the government are assessing the issue of empty homes and the levy to promote their release to the market, but they are far from being in full agreement on the limitation of rents.

A new levy on empty flats has been agreed and is reflected in the IBI, the property tax, although the amount is not yet known.

Its ultimate aim is to encourage the vacant housing market in order to increase supply and reduce pressure on rental prices.

Sale and purchase of a property

Although there are some differences, two strategies are being considered: the first is a law to intervene directly in prices in the most stressed areas, while the other strategy would be tax incentives and bonuses to encourage voluntary price reductions without alienating prospective buyers.

Property rents

In terms of rents, there has also been little progress on the responsibility that large landlords should have. There is talk of applying a series of obligations to them to allocate 30% of their stock to social renting. In any case, the definition of a large landlord still needs to be clarified for the future, as it is currently defined as a landlord who owns at least 10 properties, while the definition of a large landlord is being considered to be lowered to 5 properties.

Due to these future changes in the field of housing, it is essential to have professional lawyers and tax advisors to advise on the purchase of a property in Spain. To avoid possible fraud, to know the additional costs of the purchase and management of the process up to the registration of the property in the registry.

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